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Just call me Bob. Spells the same both coming and going and it doesn't get easier than that.


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May 31, 2023
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Whidbey Island, WA
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My name is Bob and I'm a Photoholic... (HI BOB)

What to say? Retired from the Navy - 30 years done. Fully retired as well and there aren't many days the cameras aren't within an arm's reach. Living on a little Island in the Puget Sound - Washington area. I'm a long time Canon shooter and currently I'm using a couple of R5s and a EOS-R (still love it for stills). I also still shoot a 5D4 and a 7D2. I never sell gear - just a quirk I guess.

I am enjoying this forum and it's members and staff very much. Thanks for having me.
Welcome Bob. My spelling is atrocious so I'm sure I could still easily misspell Bob. Just an extra o and it soon becomes a very different word :) You must have seen a lot with 30 years in the Navy under your belt! Congrats on your retirement and I'm very glad to hear that you are enjoying it here. Just let me know if you have any questions about the forum.
My name is Bob
Whenever I am introduced to someone named Bob, I am reminded of the joke:

Q: Do you know why there are a lot of people in the South called Bo?

A: Because they don't know how to spell Bob.

My family tree is extensively from the hollow's of West Virginia (Coal Fork, Campbells Creek, Fayette), so I have first hand knowledge and I am not offended.
Mind if we call you boB just to avoid the confusion?


P.S. Welcome!
Mind if we call you boB just to avoid the confusion?


P.S. Welcome!
It works man - and thanks for the welcome!
Hi Bob,

Many times in my life, I have heard people say "...and Bob's your uncle.". So, it is nice to finally meet you. Welcome to the forum.
Thanks Bryan - quite a nice place you guys have going here.

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