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Motorsport - My Main Genre

David Stallard

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Oct 16, 2023
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David Stallard
Essex, UK
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Hey gang - few from my last meeting this season, all with R3 RF100-300 + 1.4 ex monopod IS off (if your interested ;-) )

Feel free to comment as you wish - I have broad shoulders, I can take it (sobs quietly into coffee)

C 14-10-23 0085.jpg C 14-10-23 0098.jpg C 14-10-23 0104.jpg C 14-10-23 0157.jpg C 14-10-23 0179.jpg C 14-10-23 0226.jpg C 14-10-23 0449.jpg C 14-10-23 0638.jpg C 14-10-23 1148.jpg C 14-10-23 1165-2.jpg C 14-10-23 1318.jpg C 14-10-23 1345.jpg C 14-10-23 1495.jpg C 14-10-23 1515.jpg C 14-10-23 1578.jpg
A couple in particular I love are the white Lotus (?) #67 in the sunlight, and the black #71 car with the flames coming from the exhaust - the heat haze in that one really puts it over the top.
Nicely captured David. It looks like a fun race to shoot at!
Very nice set of pics. Question, with the 1.5 Ext attached to your 100-300, how much loss in auto focus speed would you guess you are experiencing?

Very nice set of pics. Question, with the 1.5 Ext attached to your 100-300, how much loss in auto focus speed would you guess you are experiencing?

Hi Mark,
Honestly - hand on heart - I noticed NO loss in focus speed or image quality at all and I tested it in every way I could. I have also used the 2x and 'if' there is any loss in the 'real world usage' then it is so marginal it's not worth worrying about.

I am more than happy with the set up - thankfully ;-)

Even coming straight at me where the focus would usually hunt it locked on and surprised me time after time - this is with 2x
  • Canon EOS R3
  • RF100-300mm F2.8 L IS USM + EXTENDER RF2x
  • 600.0 mm
  • ƒ/10
  • 1/160 sec
  • ISO 100
Very nice work, I'm debating on selling a Kidney...lol to purchase this lens, or go in the 100-500 direction. You own one and apparently sold the other, putting cost aside for the moment, any regrets about that decision? How often to do you fine yourself grabbing one of the TC's and putting it on your 100-300? I love motorsports and would like to get into wildlife, currently leaning towards purchasing the 100-500 and keeping my adapted EF300 f2.8 along with the rf70-200. (current cameras are the R5 and R3)
Hey Mark,
I loved and I mean really loved the 100-500, it did everything I wanted and more - so why did I trade it in? number of reasons for me, I dislike external zooms, yes they say they are weather sealed etc but how long before that seal gives - bearing in mind over a race weekend I will take 4k shots plus - times that by around 20 weekends and. . . . .
Also it handles low light exceptionally well even with the extenders - put it this way, it needs to cope with 8>10 hour days like this on occasion:
S 16-08-20 0901.jpg
S 16-08-20 0902.jpg

'IF' Canon had brought out the 100-500 mk2 with internal zoom I would have grabbed it in a heartbeat. As for changing / adding extenders - what I tend to do is scope out the circuit beforehand and decided which one I will use - put it on and stick with it, I'm not a fan of changing lenses / ext in the field so to speak. As for wildlife - again depends on where I am going, Zoo's wildlife parks either 'naked' or the 1.4 out in the wild usually the 2x.

Sample galleries if you get bored and want to check them out.

All of the 22 season with 100-500: HERE

Big Cat Sanctuary: HERE

Personally - if your not going to be out in biblical conditions much then the 100-500 is the kiddy for you, you will NOT be disappointed - but if you can get the readies together then go for the 100-300 with extenders, it is way better than I will ever be, I don't regret missing the holiday next year or selling all my EF lenses to get it. (not much help at all there huh - sorry)
Thank you for taking the time to respond in such detail, very much appreciated. Also, my hats off to you for capturing moments in adverse weather conditions as shown, that is a big no "Thank you" for me....lol. I'm a fair weather photographer....:) Off topic for a minute, is that part of your editorial assignment, or for your personal business, if I may ask?
I do not like exposing my equipment to the elements such as that, I would assume you had some form of rain protection for your gear while you were shooting?
Back to the lens, I hate a telescoping lens as much as the next person, I own the rf70-200, and used to own the ef100-400. As I mentioned I avoid rain at all costs, but for my shooting genre, dust is a huge factor. When I owned the 100-400 push/pull zoom, I would cringe as I heard it "breath" during zooming, and after, I would say a year later, internal dust became very obvious. On the RF 70-200, after two years of use during some pretty harsh shooting conditions times, I has yet to see signs of dust - but as you point out, seals wear and its likely to be only a matter if time.
Your concern for weather sealing has me rethinking this choice, after all of the great photographs I have seen taken with the 100-500, yours included. As most probably my last major lens purchase, I'm now back to leaning towards the 100-300 with teleconverters for addition reach.
Guess I will have to sell something to afford the purchase, I'm going to miss the wife and kids....lol

regards, Mark
Hey Mark - sorry lol.
The motorsport is my second 'job' I shoot for one club in particular as a freelance and have done for the last 15 years. Magazines etc. don't really pay anymore as a lot of the spectators send all there shots in for free, have to admit there are days (like the one in the previous post) where I really do question my vocation ;-) rain does make for some pretty good shots though (yes I know this one was with the 1DXmk2 but you get the point)
DP 26-10-19 0557.jpg
  • Canon EOS-1D X Mark II
  • EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM +1.4x III
  • 192.0 mm
  • ƒ/4
  • 1/320 sec
  • ISO 200

I tend to use a 'storm jacket' when the weather is threatening,

HELPFUL TIP: Next time you are near a charity (thrift) shop, buy a cheap non-lined waterproof jacket - cut the sleaves off and you have 2 very good rain covers that roll up really small. The elastic wrists fit over the lens hood ;-)
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