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R5 Controls Layout


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Mar 27, 2023
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Ricky Johnson
My local camera shop had two used R5 bodys. $2800.00 US. So, I now have a R5. This is the camera that replaces my 5DIV. I will not miss it. I am still evaluating the R5. So far it seems to be pretty impressive. I also have the R7.

I really think Canon has lost it. I was ready to buy the R6II to go with my R7. Only one glitch, Canon moved the on-off switch to the right side like the R7. But, reversed. how it switches on and off compared to the R7. Will the R5II have something different? What do you think about Canons inability to settle on a consistent layout?
I have the R5 and the R6 Mark II. I agree, it would be nice for Canon to standardize the location for the power switch. For the first couple of times I got kind of mixed up by the switch location, but it didn't take long to get used to it. Now I turn these cameras on and off without thinking about.
Don't hold your breath for an R5 II. Not even a rumor at this point. Just get used to the gear you have and don't sweat it.

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