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May 8, 2021
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Andrew Johnson
Has upgraded from the EOS 60Da to the Ra for astro? I own and have been using the 60Da for astro for many years but the sensor is slowly degrading, I just had to make a new set of Darks as the number of hot pixels I have seems to be multiplying. I have tried out my EOS R (standard) on the Veil Complex and a few other objects, for comparison Vs the 60Da and it's not an even contest. The R wins on general sensitivity and dynamic range but the 60Da still blows the R out of the water on Ha objects.

I'd be interest to know if anyone is using the Ra as it seems my EOS 60Da may need to retire soon. I'm 80% certain that the new astro cam will be a cooled CCD / CMOS as I'd prefer if it all the extra circuitry was doing something useful like cooling the sensor instead of generating extra thermal noise, but don't want to dismiss the Ra out of hand as I do go to remote sites where having a camera that doesn't need a laptop to control it is a real asset. - Image Veil Nebula Canon EOS R - Skywatcher Esprit 80 ED (400mm f5) roughly 45 minutes of intetration.


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