Canon EOS R8

Canon EOS R8 Mirrorless Camera

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Great and light full frame bargain
  • Weight
  • Cost roughly £1000 less than the R6 ii
  • Size
  • Sensor and Focus system exactly the same as dearer R6 ii
  • Superb handling due to size for full frame camera
  • No IBIS
  • Half battery size of R6 ii
  • One memory card slot
  • Heat protection compared to R6 ii for video use
  • No battery grip available if that bothers you
  • No mechanical shutter
  • No mechanical shutter means no cover for when lenses are changed.
RP body ('ish) but R6 Mk ii internals at £1000 less.
No IBIS a pain as is the battery which is half the size of the R6 ii.
Weight and size superb for a full frame camera and ideal as an entry level to full frame or, if like me, you already own a full frame camera but want a lighter smaller body.
IQ stunning (as exactly like the R6 ii)
Handling great but bigger L lenses feel OTT on the smaller R8 body. For example whilst the RF 24-105 f4 L feels great, the RF 24-70 f2.8 L feels way too heavy IMO.
Very easy to customise like all Canon bodies.
One SD slot may put some people off but if not shooting professionally is it really a deal breaker ? This isn't really intended for that kind of buyer.

I also have an R5 and am loving the form factor of the R8 which is just great. It is far easier to use and though I am conscious of the lack of IBIS I am not seeing results that show it as an issue. I am noticing the lower battery power though and I don't take video ... so if you take a lot of video beware the small body comes at a cost of a small battery.

I love the R8 and would thoroughly recommend it.
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Nice review. I'm thinking of getting one to replace my RP. I usually carry a n R5 with an RF 100-500, and the smaller RP with a 50/1.8 or 35/1.8 is nice to have in the backpack. Most of the cons don't matter as much to me in that role, and the sensor/AF would be a huge improvement. I've started to see some sales, but I might wait to see if they get better.