Prime Canon RF 35mm F1.8 Macro IS STM

Canon RF 35mm F1.8 Macro IS STM Lens
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Excellent Standard Lens for Full Frame RF Mount Cameras
  • Light and small (305 grams) Pretty affordable at $449 regularly.
  • Accurate focusing
  • Excellent stabilization, with or without IBIS
  • Wide aperture helps produce nice background separation
  • Sharp even wide open
  • Considering the image quality, quite inexpensive
  • None really, except it's not weather sealed.
I've used this great little lens on a RP, R6 and a R6 Mk 2 and been pleased with its performance on all three bodies. It's ideal for portraits that show people in the context of their surroundings. The wide aperture allows separation of subject and background. Works well in low light. I have shown an image from each full frame camera on which I have mounted it. I'll be interested to see how it performs on my new R7 crop sensor body.
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Surprisingly Good Lens for the Price (Used on an R6)
  • Lightweight
  • Nice Bokeh
  • Very Sharp
  • Fast Focusing
  • Inexpensive
  • Good Low-Light Performance
  • Feels a Little Cheap
  • Vignette
  • Sometimes Hunts a Lot in Low Light
  • Does Not Come with a Hood
I picked up this lens when it was $100 off. It has since gone back up to the msp of $499 USD. I got it for doing Fresh 48s where I needed a lightweight lens that would allow me to get portrait-quality photos in low light and close quarters.

I had been using the RF 28-70, but it's too heavy for all day use in hot rooms, and it was getting banged around. I needed something lighter, and less expensive to replace if something should happen to it. The RF 35mm fit the bill perfectly.

I do notice quite a bit of a vignette at the corners, but it's easily removed in post if I don't want it. Most of the time I just leave it as it's not too distracting and offsets the subject. If the room is very dark, it will hunt and sometimes have trouble locking on. I can up the ISO a tad, focus, and lower the ISO again and it'll lock for me.

Unfortunately, I don't have any images to share with it yet. I've taken hundreds, but they're all HIPAA protected and I cannot share them online. I'll add one or two when I get them.

Even with the faults I listed, it received a 5 star rating from me due to the value vs. the price tag. I think anybody could pick up this lens and get some pro quality images out of it.
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No review, just singing some praises.

I was a bit leery of going this route and trading my 'beloved' 40 pancake for a 35 perspective. I've done the 35 route many times and usually I just would rather have a 28 and a 40. However, comes the caveat... this little thing is a gem. Close focus (don't you dare call it Macro, ok, maybe if you came from the Rebel Camp) I love it and my favorite thing? Micro contrast. very nice. I've been doing a fair amount of b&w since I got it and it has great tonal qualities. I do have to wonder if it is a gateway drup to more RF glass.....
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