Canon EOS R6 Mark II

Canon EOS R6 Mark II Mirrorless Camera

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Canon EOS R6 Mark II

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Fantastic sport camera
  • Fast and accurate autofocus
  • Comfortable ergnomics
  • Plenty of customizable buttons and dials
  • Fantastic SOOC JPGs
  • File size when using CRAW (and no lost data!)
  • No fear of shooting high ISO with this camera
  • No stacked sensor (rolling shutter)
This camera is FANTASTIC. I'm a dog sports shooter, so very fast indoor action with a lot of obstacles to shoot in and around. This camera does a fantastic job tracking my subjects as they race around the course. It locks and and while it's not 100% perfect, it's really great.

The noise reduction (on low) does a great job of cleaning up some really high ISO (32k + ) photos that I shoot and you have so much control in how those JPGs come out.

Ergnomically this camera is great. Comfortable to hold and use. There are a lot of buttons to customize and a back wheel that allows me to keep ISO where I can make quick changes to it if needed.

The "lock" aspect is great. No more accidentally jostling the camera as you move around and changing settings!

The only con is the lack of a stacked sensor, meaning that there can be some rolling shutter effects if you're not careful how you shoot. But that's minor compared to everything else!
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R6 Mark 2 after about 30,000 shots.
  • Easy to use. FANTASTIC Auto Focus.
  • Lightweight
  • Great hybrid abilities
  • The ergonomics are fantastic
  • No CFX slot, dual SD. V90s are fine for video.
  • Buffer clears very quickly, even with V30 cards.
  • No discernible IQ loss in CRAW format. Use CRAW!
  • JPEGs look really good SOOC.
  • Noise performance is incredible.
  • Great battery life
  • No CFX card slot if you’re into that.
  • No stacked sensor.
  • No BSI sensor.
I have used the R6 Mark 2 since July and I have shot nearly everything from corporate events, headshots, portraits, parties, pro hockey, high school wrestling, and poorly lit family functions with this camera. Finding any con is really nit picking. The sensor is fantastic and image rendering is phenomenal. 24mp is more than enough resolution for most use cases.

The noise handling on this camera is very impressive. I am able to obtain useable images at ISO20,000 to ISO 32,000, and have even put out acceptable images at ISO 102,400, albeit they are a bit noisy. The files react well to noise reduction and are very user friendly in Lightroom and Luminar Neo.

The EF to EOS R adapter works very well and EF glass works flawlessly on this camera. An EF 16-35 F2.8 rides on mine for everyday use.

This camera is so good, I am not sure buying anything else makes sense, unless you have some very specific use cases. I love this camera so much that I will probably add a second body to my pro line up.

It’s worth every penny. I don’t find much wrong with it. I think Canon nailed it with the R6 Mark 2.
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Coming from a 6D the learning curve to a R6m2 is manageable
  • Fast autofocus
  • New R series lens are awesome!
  • Easy to shoot and control f stop aperture and iso
  • expensive, but worth the upgrade
  • new glass syndrome
I love my new R6m2 bought refurb directly from Canon. Wish I had done it sooner, but the stars aligned with the Black Fridays reductions and Best Buys 24mo no interest payments. Went all in, 50, 24-105, 100mm macro and 100-500. Highly recommended! Pic below is from a Christmas parade, under sodium lights!
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Definitely agree! I was using a Fuji XT-3 so learning the Canon system (menus, verbiage, etc.) has been a bit of a higher learning curve for me. By the way, great picture.

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