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Canon EOS R7 Mirrorless Camera

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Canon EOS R7

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R7 way better than I imagined!
  • IBIS (absolutely amazing to use)
  • Eye AF and it's AF in general
  • 15/30 fps
  • NO micro-focusing adjustments anymore
  • adjustable screen
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent results on some EF lenses (35 F2 IS, 100L 2.8 macro, 200L 2.8ii, 100-400ii L)
  • Image Quality
  • Cropping ability with 32.5 mp
  • Completely quiet electronic
  • Small and very slightly recessed button (downside of being small)
  • Screen blackout on slow shutter speeds
  • AF for birds in bright skies, wildly focuses at times
  • Electronic shutter warping at high speeds. Although I find about half are useable so not completely a con.
  • And of course the limited buffer, but I can deal with that by feathering my shutter release.
  • EVF/Display screen can bounce back and forth with corrective lenses at times
  • Seems to lose focus on distant objects/birds (probably normal)
First of all this is my first canon R mirrorless camera. I am coming from years of using a 5D Mark IV and 7D Mark II and their predecessors. To me it was like going from my AE-1 film camera to my first digital camera. Quite honestly I am still a little bit shell shocked by how good this little camera is for the price I paid for it with the basic R/EF adapter.

I was dreaming that this camera might make my older EF 200mm 2.8Lii lens into a killing machine. I didn't expect it to actually do it and the same with all my other EF lenses (jury is still out on my 24-70 F4L).

The In camera image stabilization is far better than I could have possible imagined. I mean that same 200mm can take great photos indoors at 1/30th of a second with this APS-C sensor. Image quality is far better than I expected. The Eye AF and autofocus is a game changer with Wildlife and birds in flight. It does have its limitations and struggles at times with bright skies and heavy branches.

Taking pictures with hummingbirds has easily tripled my keeper level and it is easily equal to my best 5D4 hummingbird images.

In 8 days I have taken over 20,000 images of mostly birds and it just feels like cheating. It's that good.

Of course it is not perfect and has several deficient areas that other more expensive cameras don't have. But for me, it just makes me smile. Not just sometimes, but nearly all the time!
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Hope you’re still enjoying the R7, am going to upgrade my R10 and have taken on many comments including yours how good this camera is. Hope I will not be disappointed.
I purchased mine a few months ago as well as the Nikon equivalent. I've kept the R7 after my wife rejected both to choose a better fone. Mutter, mutter. I gave the Nikon to our local Pastor, leaving the R7's details for me to learn. The more I use it the happier Iam with the R7. Proving to be best value for money as well as best photos ever.
I have had some very pleasing shots even after 6 months still fiddling with set up for getting best results for birding.

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