Android (or Windows) app for live transfer of shots and their quick evaluation


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Feb 6, 2024
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Sandro R
I recently took part in a shooting by a professional photographer who used an app on the iPad called ShutterSnitch for quick evaluation of the shot (and to let us customers see/choose it immediately); cameras and iPad were attached to a 4G mini-router powered by a power bank as it says it is much more powerful than the camera's internal access point, furthermore having two bodies - Canon R5 - it would have been impossible to switch the iPad from one AP to another each time

Nothing extraordinary in the app but very functional: grid of the downloaded photos, view of the single photo, possibility of zooming to see the focus clearly and rating with stars from 1 to 5 (then he explained to me that he exports a file with only filename+rating and can with a script to import it into LR already knowing which photos were chosen "on the field")

Among other things, it was very fast because it wirelessly downloaded the jpg (small) that it saved on the second SD and not the heavy RAW... Is it a camera setting? I don't remember seeing it on my R6 II

My question is: do you know something similar for Android or for Windows?

Thanks in advance
Canon's Camera Connect app is available for Android, and it does a similar thing. I've used both the IOS and Android versions with my R7. It does use the camera's internal AP but I don't know if it HAS to work that way.

For Windows, you can use EOS Utility to display the last photo and even control the camera remotely (similar to Camera Connect).

Interesting about using the router to get both cameras sending images to the same app. Pretty sure Camera Connect will not support that, but I have not tried to use it with a router.
Thanks Anton, forgot to say that I have already experiences with that software but not so entusiastic.
I can confirm that it works also with camera and PC connected to same wifi/Lan... I use in my mini-studio in the office where I upload the photos in a folder that is the watching Autoimport folder of Lightroom... so essentially EOs utility is only a proxy/bridge for "tethering" with LR

But as I wrote, I'm looking for a solution for outdoor evaluation with a tablet similar to ShutterSnitch
Thanks Anton, forgot to say that I have already experiences with that software but not so entusiastic.
OK. Not sure if you mean just EOS Utility or also CC.

For one camera, Camera Connect does (IMO) work well for that mobile situation. It will display the last frame you shoot or a grid of images, you can rate images, sort by rating and other tags, and delete images in the camera. I'm not saying it's awesome but it does the things you mention (other than supporting multiple cameras, if that matters to you). I more often use it on IOS but I have used it on my Android tablet as well.

The key is to make sure neither the camera nor the tablet go to sleep, because in that case the WiFi connection is dropped and getting it back can be frustrating. The R6ii will also tether directly over USB, which the older cameras won't, and which is probably way simpler because that connection doesn't get dropped.
OK, I will give CC for tablet another possibility...

Wired is not a viable road... the type of photoshooting I'm talking is this

Here the mini-router and the ipad for check

Isn’t that what Capture One basically does? They have a mobile app version also.
Isn’t that what Capture One basically does? They have a mobile app version also.
Pretty expensive only for amateur playing... I'm not searching only a free solution, even a perpetual <50$/€ is accettable; but not 25/month...

Anyway thanks for your suggestion.

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