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Jan 2, 2024
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Scrolling up and down through the list of options you can add to My Menu was driving my nuts so I wrote down the list (in order as it appears in the menu). I hope it's helpful.

Image Quality
Dual Pixel RAW
Cropping/Aspect Ratio
Digital Tele-Conv
ISO Speed Settings
HDR Shooting
HDR Mode
Auto Lighting Optimizer
Highlight Tone Priority
Anti-Flicker Shoot.
HF Anti-Flicker Shooting
External Speedlight Control
Metering Mode
White Balance
Custom White Balance
WB Shift/Bkt.
Color Space
Picture Style
Shooting Creative Filters
Lens Aberration Correction
Long Exp. Noise Reduction
High ISO Speed NR
Dust Delete Data
Multiple Exposure
RAW Burst Mode
Focus Bracketing
Drive Mode
Interval Timer
Bulb Timer
Silent Shutter Function
Shutter Mode
Release Shutter without Card
IS (Image Stabilizer) Mode
Customize Quick Controls
Touch Shutter
Image Review
High Speed Display
Metering Timer
Display Simulation
OVF Sim. View Assist
Shooting Info Display
VF Display Format
Disp. Performance
Movie Rec. Size
Sound Recording
ISO Speed Settings
Auto Slow Shutter
Shutter Btn Function for Movies
Movie Cropping
Digital Zoom
HDR Movie Recording
Av 1/8-stop Incr.
Canon Log Settings
Pre-recording Set.
Time-Lapse Movie
Movie Self-Timer
False Color Set.
Zebra Settings
Quick Ctrl. Screen
Standy: Low Res.
HDMI Display
Time Code
AF Operation
AF Area
Whole Area Tracking Servo AF
Subject to Detect
Eye Detection
Switching Tracked Subjects
Focus Mode
Servo Mode
Tracking Sensitivity
Accel./Decel. Tracking
One-shot AF Release Prior.
Preview AF
Lens Drive When AF Impossible
AF-assist Beam Firing
Touch & Drag AF Settings
Limit AF Areas
AF Area Selection Control
Sensitivity- AF Pt Select
Orientation Linked AF Point
Limit Subject to Detect
L/R Eye Detection
MF Peak Settings
Focus Guide
Movie Servo AF
Electronic Full-time MF
Lens Electronic MF
Focus/Control Ring
Focus Ring Rotation
RF Lens MF Focus Ring Sensitivity
Movie Servo AF Speed
Movie Servo AF Track Sens.
Protect Images
Erase Images
Rotate Stills
Change Movie Rotate Info
Image Copy
Print Order
Photobook Set-up
RAW processing (RAW/DPRAW)
Creative Assist
Quick Control RAW Processing
DPRAW Processing
Cloud RAW Image Processing
Playback Creative Filters
HEIF-JPEG Conversion
Slide Show
Set Image Search Conditions
View From Last Seen
Image jump W
Image Jump W/Rate
RATE Btn Function
Playback Information Display
Highlight Alert
AF Point Disp.
Playback Grid
Connect to Smarthphone(tablet)
Connect to Wireless Remote
Connect to EOS Utility
Upload to
Transfer Images to FTP Server
Advanced Connection
Airplane Mode
Wi-Fi Settings
Bluetooth Settings
Camera Name
GPS Device Settings
Error Details
Reset Communication
Record Func.+Card/Folder Set.
File Numbering
File Name
Format Card
Auto Rotate
Add Rotate Info
Video System
Help text Size
Mode Guide
Feature Guide
Power Saving
Screen/Viewfinder Display
Seen Brightness
Viewfinder Brightness
Screen/Viewfinder Color Tone
Fine-tune VF Color Tone
Ui Magnification
HDMI Resolution
Touch Control
Multi Function Loclk
Shutter At Shutdown
Sensor Cleaning
Choose USB Connection App
Reset Camera
Custom Shooting Mode (C1-C3)
Battery Info
Copyright Information
Manual/Software URL
Certification Log Display
Exposure Level Increments
ISO Speed Setting Increments
Speed From Metering/ISO Auto
Bracketing Auto Cancel
Bracketing Sequence
Number of Bracketed Shots
Safety Shift
Same Expo. for new Aperture
AE Lock Meter. Mode After Focus
Set Shutter Speed Range
Set Aperture Range
Direction to Set Tv/Av
Switch When Shooting
Customize Buttons
Customize Dials
Clear Customized Settings
Add Cropping Information
Audio Compression
Default Erase Option
Release Shutter w/o Lens
Add IPTC Information
Clear All Custom Func. (C.Fn)
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While I'd still prefer alphabetical order that didn't take very long. A little rudimentary. The menus are highlighted and there are 195. I needed Sensor Clean so I went into that column and it was 166. I used the indicator on the right when you scroll through the my menu items on the camera and I knew it would be about ¾ of the way down. Found it quickly.

I think next I'm going to add colours to the left column to show which category these are in. Red (basic camera), Purple (AF), Blue (playback) and so on.

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Great idea!

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