Canon R6 II R6II Custom Shooting Scenes not retaining settings


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Sep 7, 2023
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Loudoun, Virginia
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Been playing with my R6II. Trying to decide what and how to set up my C1-3 custom shooting scenes. Thinking….

C1 Portrait (human, animal, group, etc)
C2 Action (sports, automotive, etc)
C3 Undecided, maybe landscape?

Anyway, saved my Aperture Priority settings to C1 because that’s what I mostly shoot. For this mode, I like the DOF Preview button to actually be DOF Preview. Then set up Flexible Priority for C2…for this mode I like the DOF Preview button to actuate Raw Burst mode. Got everything set up the way I like, go back to AV, double check some things and then back to C1, and DOF is changed back to Raw Burst. I manually customize that button back to DOF Preview and within a few manipulations of other buttons it returns to Raw Burst.

I can’t imagine setting up the custom shooting scenes is that difficult or am I looking at a software hiccup? I really don’t want to have to send it in, but I want it to work correctly more.

Thoughts? Has anyone set up their custom shooting scenes?

My first guess is that you have "Auto update set" set to enable.

Auto update set.jpg
Good guess, but no, its disabled.
Hmmm. I just went into my camera and set the DOF button to DOF for C3 and Raw Burst for C2, switched back and forth, no problem. They retained the settings. Just to be clear with what I did exactly, I went into the menu to the Customize buttons option, changed the DOF button to DOF (mine was set to something different), went into the menu to the Custom shooting mode and saved it as C3. I then went back in the menu to the Customize buttons option (didn't touch anything else), changed DOF to Raw Burst, then went back into the menu to Custom shooting mode and saved it as C2. I then tested these changes by turning the dial mode back and forth between C3 and C2 to see if these customs settings had been saved. They had. One point: my Custom shooting modes are set under M. Not sure if that matters or not.

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